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Shipping Information



- Shipping charges are shown on the receipt, and paid by the customer during check-out.

- Shipping charges vary by customer deliver-to address.

- Shipping is by 9point8 best carrier, taking advantage of our special rates.

- Import charges, duties, brokerage, VAT etc. are the sole responsibility of the Customer, and cannot be pre-determined by 9point8, since all countries/carriers handle these differently.

- A tracking number is normally, but not always, available. It is provided at the end of the shipping-day to the email address provided by the customer.

- 9point8 cannot take responsibility for carrier delays

- 9point8 takes responsibility for the package until in the customers hands. If lost by the carrier, it is covered by 9point8

- Export documents are prepared by 9point8 and will, per Canadian law, declare all items in the shipment at their full purchase value.

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