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9point8™ ThumB™ Remote 
Simple, Universal, Comfortable

The 9point8™ ThumB™ remote is the most compatible, ergonomic, and configurable thumb lever in the marketplace.  

Mount it on either the left or right side, over the bar, or under the bar!


CONFIGURABLE. The 9point8™ ThumB™ lever can be installed in many different orientations, so you can always find a comfortable fitment for your cockpit.  It is also available with our 1X Adapter for those who have ditched their front derailleur.


EASY TO INSTALL. VERY EASY. The 9point8™ ThumB™ can be installed without removing the grips, brakes, or shifter controls!


FITMENT.   The 9point8™ ThumB™ can be installed on either the left or right side, to suit your preference.  See the Fitment below.




1X.   The 9point8™ ThumB™  1X Adapter 0000-0651 can be used to mount the ThumB™ under the left bar for ergo fitment in 1X applications. The 1X Adapter 0000-0651 is free with any seatpost purchased with the ThumB option, but must be purchased separately if you are buying the ThumB stand-alone.

 ThumB (SKU 0000-0354)
Sides Left or right
Weight 28g
Adjustments None
Mounting orientations Over bar, vertical, under bar

0000-0354 thumb weight 400 400



Complete ThumB assembly. (SKU 0000-0354)

Qty SKU Description
1 0000-0355 ThumB Hardware Set
1 0000-0249 Cable Adjusting barrel
and Jam Nut
1 0000-0233 Bar Clamp Ring
1 0000-0234 Bar Clamp Mount
1 0000-0346 ThumB Perch
1 0000-0345 ThumB Lever


 0000-0354 thumb manual 1000 1654

Here are some common fitments:














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