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Complete set of fasteners for the  CR Head of the post. Only for use with the CR Head, with oval seat rails.

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2 0000-0845 Titanium Rail Clamp Screw
2 0000-0846 Titanium Spherical Washer
2 0000-0434 Titanium Seat Angle Adjust Screw
2 0000-0394 Titanium Threaded Cylinder

Required with oval-rail saddles.  

Associated oval-rail parts:

0000-0833 CR Inline Head (Oval Rails)
0000-0834 CR Offset Head (Oval Rails)
0000-0855 CR Seat Rail Clamps (8-9mm Oval Rails)
0000-0856 CR Seat Rail Clamps (9-10mm Oval Rails)

A complete CR Head kit can be purchased  CR Head Kit

This kit will work with round-rail heads, but a less expensive round-rail hardware set is available.  Head Hardware Set (7mm Round Rails)

CR Head Hardware Set (Fall Line, OVAL Rails)

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