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4mm TorqueKey™ (SKU 0000-0564)
Hex Size 4mm
Torque Range 0-12Nm
Weight 26g

Use like any allen key.  Do not touch the orange plastic scale when using the TorqueKey.

torquekey dodont 400 206

torquekey use 6nm 400 220

The Torque can be read off the scale, when the bottom edge of the key aligns with the scale value.  This fastener is at 6Nm.

The 9point8 TorqueKey is an innovative, inexpensive alternative to costly torque wrenches.  Currently available in 4mm Allen hex, one of the most common sizes on bicycles.

torquekey 400 269


torquekey dodont 400 206

The TorqueKey operates by correlating the deflection of the key to a known torque scale.  The more the key defects, the more torque is being applied to the fastener.

torquekey use close 6nm 400 241

  Read a brief article by Mike Johnston about the importance of fastener torque here.

Break your TorqueKey orange plastic scale? Want to 3D print a replacement?   9point8 offers free downloadable files for 3D printing accessories and tools on our Thingiverse page.  Or, simply download the print file hereLearn more about the 3D printed replacement TorqueKey scale here.
Download for free from Thingiverse

4mm TorqueKey™

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